Monday, October 15, 2007


This is continued from the first blog i posted. I didn't know it had to be a descent length. So I figured i would just write something to make up for what i didn't. I decided to just start off writing about myself and see where I end up. I'm from breakneck on a road called Pole Cat Hollow and for some reason i stress that a lot. I am very proud of where i'm from and trust me it aint nothing to special to be proud of haha, but that's just me. I'm addicted to chapstick! I seriously feign chapstick when i don't have it! I do enjoy to play tennis but it's hard for me to get anyone to play or to get any kind of competition. I hunt, and i love it. I also enjoy to fish. I'm not sure which one i like more because they're both so different. I also like to ride quads and actually my family just got one for the first time in like 4 years! It's nothign to special i'm not complaining but the carb needs to be cleaned out and the floats reset or something! I am a Ford girl. I like to keep busy, i currently have 3 jobs, so i basically work every single day. I got one at a Dr's office which is where i'm actually doing my externship, one at the fruitstand, and i just started last week midnight shift at UPS. So far I like my jobs, and they keep me outta trouble haha! A few things that nag me is people being very loud and obnoxious just for attention. Also i hate how people analyz you and your past w/o looking at their own! People need to practice what the preach or honestly just shutup. I try to keep to myself and mind my own bussiness but for some reason people try to act like were in highschool again and bring me into their drama full life. haha no not me at all. i try to stay away from conflict and ignore things. it takes A LOT to really get me fired up but it doesn't take much to piss me off. Alright work to do.

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