Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Digital Tools

Technology does save time for a lot of people, if ya have patients to deal with it.
I know there is all sorts of different types of phone. My supervisor uses his phone to get online, send assignments to his work, and keep his schedule in. It's a big time saver for him because while he's always on the go he can do his homework or whatever. I tend to have bad luck with phones so i think i'll just keep to writing mystuff down. Even though it would be great just to have all you need right into your phone. I know I recently decided to get an iPod i'm gonna go next week and look at them. I hear they do a lot more things that just play music. I've never been to into technology but i know a lot of people who are and it's pretty fascinating.

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Michelle said...

I also have a hard time with some of the new technology.
In my case, it just takes a while for the water to sink into the cement!