Monday, December 3, 2007

the athens messenger

I think it's great that they would want to educate kids on which sites are good and which sites aren't. I know my little sister sure in the heck can't tell the difference and she's been using the internet for 8 years! It's good too to educate them on the safety issues when dealing with the internet. like the myspace craze kids put all of their information on there! so if anyone would want to find them it wouldn't be that difficult! and parents need to step in when it comes to the internet addiction!! I don't really have to much to say on this topic mainly because it's not an interest of mine.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Digital Tools

Technology does save time for a lot of people, if ya have patients to deal with it.
I know there is all sorts of different types of phone. My supervisor uses his phone to get online, send assignments to his work, and keep his schedule in. It's a big time saver for him because while he's always on the go he can do his homework or whatever. I tend to have bad luck with phones so i think i'll just keep to writing mystuff down. Even though it would be great just to have all you need right into your phone. I know I recently decided to get an iPod i'm gonna go next week and look at them. I hear they do a lot more things that just play music. I've never been to into technology but i know a lot of people who are and it's pretty fascinating.

Monday, October 15, 2007


This is continued from the first blog i posted. I didn't know it had to be a descent length. So I figured i would just write something to make up for what i didn't. I decided to just start off writing about myself and see where I end up. I'm from breakneck on a road called Pole Cat Hollow and for some reason i stress that a lot. I am very proud of where i'm from and trust me it aint nothing to special to be proud of haha, but that's just me. I'm addicted to chapstick! I seriously feign chapstick when i don't have it! I do enjoy to play tennis but it's hard for me to get anyone to play or to get any kind of competition. I hunt, and i love it. I also enjoy to fish. I'm not sure which one i like more because they're both so different. I also like to ride quads and actually my family just got one for the first time in like 4 years! It's nothign to special i'm not complaining but the carb needs to be cleaned out and the floats reset or something! I am a Ford girl. I like to keep busy, i currently have 3 jobs, so i basically work every single day. I got one at a Dr's office which is where i'm actually doing my externship, one at the fruitstand, and i just started last week midnight shift at UPS. So far I like my jobs, and they keep me outta trouble haha! A few things that nag me is people being very loud and obnoxious just for attention. Also i hate how people analyz you and your past w/o looking at their own! People need to practice what the preach or honestly just shutup. I try to keep to myself and mind my own bussiness but for some reason people try to act like were in highschool again and bring me into their drama full life. haha no not me at all. i try to stay away from conflict and ignore things. it takes A LOT to really get me fired up but it doesn't take much to piss me off. Alright work to do.

Digital Recipe Box

I think people can do whatever they want. If they choose to stick all of their recipies on a sight where millions of people could access them, then let them. I know some people don't like to give out any of their recipes. Also anything could happen and all your information could be lost! Even if someone would decide to do the online thing hopefully they would keep a back up.
Another thing.. i believe this idea would waste paper and be a big pain in the you know what! Because i know at my house that my computer isn't near the kitchen. So therefore my mom would have to walk out into the front room, look up her recipe and PRINT it out so she could have it by her side while cooking! Because who is honestly going to waste time running back and forth fromt he kitchen to the computer monitor!? Not me!
Then since she stored everything online, so she wouldn't have to keep a little collection of reciipes, she would throw away the printed version. Which would be more exspensive in the long run to keep your recipes online. You are going to use more ink and waste more paper. Nothing's wrong with a little box full of index cards! As long as you keep it organized in some sort of order it's just fine and dandy. And actually would be less of a hassle in my opinion.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

well what can i say

i'm not a "blogger" i tend to keep things more spoken to my friends or just anybody around me. i don't keep a journal and i never wrote in a diary.. since i was absent no time to chit chat gtg .